Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quote #7

"True love can be found only in God. Be with Him; that is the fullness of life." - Thomas à Kempis
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I Am Number One

We live in a world with "one trillion" surroundings. Our family, our school friends, our boss, our daily chores, our iPhone, our riches, our beloved dogs, our cute dinosaurs (birds), and so on. It is our fate and in this "chock-a-block" place we are called to live our life to the fullest, according to God's will.

These things, which are good and can be used to glorify God, sometimes can be very dangerous to us. I mean when we neglect Him, when we make Him the in our life, when He is not Number One.

Let's see what the Lord says to us in the Bible: Luke 10:27.

Look at the first thing he expressly states. It is HIM. HE is the foremost in our life. We are to love HIM above all. All are from HIM and all are for HIM. Nobody, nobody but HIM. (remember something? ;p) Loving God is the requirement for loving our neighbors, which He mentions later.

Do I pray every day? Do I refuse to go to the church for any insufficient reason? Do I build intimate relationship with God day by day?

God is the source of all. We are His. We are not our own. Let us be humble and dedicate ourselves to Him. Let us serve Him with all of what we have.

I Am Number Four

Who is Number One?
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